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Do Men Find Women Unattractive After Sex?

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Do Men Find Women Unattractive After Sex?

Sex and attraction are two closely related concepts when referring to relationships. You might have heard a lot that men find women unattractive after sex. This has become a hot topic in modern discussions. However, this topic is not that simple, as it depends on biological and societal factors. In this blog, you will get to know if the statement about men finding women unattractive after sex is true or not. This blog will provide readers with key information based on existing research. 

Understanding Attraction: Before and After Sex

Physical, emotional, and psychological attraction are the three levels of attraction that occur at the same time. Physical attraction dominates in the event of a romantic scene.
Buss and Schmitt’s research in 1993 concluded that the physical characteristics of a person play a big role in the initial attraction. Self-interest and emotional feelings like love also trigger the desire to sleep with others.

It might be true that people seem less attractive after sex. Some men may feel closer to their partner, while others may suffer from Post-coital Dysphoria (PCD), which is experiencing sadness or irritation after sex. However, changes in the attraction level of the partners are relative and depend on the personalities of the couple.

Biological and Psychological Perspectives

Hormonal Changes in Men After Sex

It is important to note that hormones have a major influence when it comes to sexual desire and post-coital feelings. The smell also uniquely impacts hormones, and relationships as well as the feeling after sexual intercourse. Oxytocin, which is also known as the “cuddle hormone” triggers affectional response. A study proved that males produce oxytocin before and after sexual activity which is associated with attachment. On the other hand, an increase in dopamine levels often known as the ‘horny hormone’ raises the pleasure derived from sexual activities. However, testosterone drops after sex, which may lead to relaxation or irritation. That is why it is crucial to know that hormonal levels differ from person to person.

Post-Coital Dysphoria and Psychological Factors

A study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2018) revealed that post-coital dysphoria influences approximately 33% of men. It is perfectly acceptable for a man to feel low mood shifts, irritability, or despair after doing sexual activities. This process is still under research, but it shows that emotional context after sex can greatly affect attraction.

Psychological factors like "post-sex clarity" can also alter perceptions and feelings of attraction. This mental clarity can bring unresolved issues or insecurities to the person and impact their emotional connection with their partner.

Societal and Cultural Influences

Cultural factors play a big influence on how males think of attraction before, during, and after sex. Media and pop culture have created a stereotype where the male partner hardly cares for the female partner after sex. However, these stereotypes do not have scientific backing and differ from person to person.

For example, Western world cultures allow casual sex which might result in mixed emotions after sex. Meanwhile, other cultures put a lot of emotional weight on sexual activities and relations and how people perceive and sustain attraction.

Movies and series play a huge role in creating a negative perception of men losing interest in their girlfriends or wives after having sex. These representations mislead the public and result in the creation of several myths.

What Impact Does Sex Have On A Relationship?

The intensity and satisfaction of sex can influence the nature of a relationship. Healthy sexual relationships involve enhancing intimate feelings of love and intimacy. A survey conducted in 2010 by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior stated that individuals with high sexual satisfaction have a better chance of a long-lasting relationship.

However, if the attraction decreases after sex, it can be a huge problem for the relationship. Lack of communication in a relationship can cause frustration and eventual breakups. If people in relationships face their problems and communicate properly, it can help them make their relationship even stronger.

The stage of the relationship also determines the variation of attraction. A new relationship usually faces rapid shifts in attraction, however, long-term relationships can experience several changes. 

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Men’s Loss Of Attraction After Sex

Myth 1: Men Always Lose Interest After Sex

One of the biggest misconceptions is that men reject a woman after having sex with her. Though this may sometimes be the case, it is not always true. Men’s interest depends on factors like emotional likeness, relationship phase, and dissimilarities with their partner.

Myth 2: Physical Attractiveness Determines Post-Sex Attraction

Another myth is that the desire to have sex with someone depends only on his appearance and body shape. Although physical traits matter, emotional and psychological issues play a big role in a long-lasting attraction.

Myth 3: Men Are Emotionally Detached Post-Sex

The myth that men become cold and distant after sex is very common but untrue. While some men may distance themselves after sex, most remain in close contact with the woman. They gain emotional closeness and become emotionally sensitive.

Scientific Evidence Countering These Myths

A study by the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2015 reveals how attraction emerges after emotions and how the nature of the relationship determines sex. The principles of this research are enough to debunk the myth that men generally lose attraction after sex. This highlights the role of closeness, talking, and pleasure as crucial to continuing attraction. This research sends a clear message that the attraction after sex does not depend on genetics, but the quality of the relationship.


It is crucial to evaluate factors that contribute to post-sex attraction to develop a healthy relationship. The attraction before and after sex involves biological, psychological, and cultural factors. Men do not necessarily think that their partners are unattractive after sex. It is important to understand that every person is different.

Self and partner awareness is significant as a way of validating each other’s experiences to encourage supportive relationships. Discussions of emotions, doubts, and expectations will make partners become closer and feel comfortable with each other.

It is necessary to clarify the myths to have a better understanding. Reducing stereotyping in relationships and adopting a clear framework can lead to increased closeness and satisfaction between partners. When people engage in frequent exploration and learning, it can enhance relationships and personal well-being.

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