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Best sex positions in the book Exploring Intimacy Introduction

by Zohaib Ali
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Best sex positions in the book Exploring Intimacy Introduction


In any romantic relationship, sensitivity is essential, and it may be developed and enriched in a variety of ways. Exploring various sex positions is one such method. This might help you and your partner connect on a deeper level by adding diversity and excitement to your sexual experiences. In this blog post, we'll look at a variety of sex positions you can use in your relationship while highlighting the significance of communication, permission, and mutual comfort.

1.Standing Doggy Style

Standing doggy style is an alternative to the standard position that gives you entire expressiveness and a few special modifications.

The male will enter from behind while the woman enters stooped over, just like the traditional doggy style.

However, she won't be on her hands and knees like in the traditional dog style since this is about sex positions performed while standing.



Champ, you need to slow it down.

A position that begs for rough, hard sex is the doggy position. It's not the right time for slow, passionate love.

But before you give her a hard fucking, you need to make her want one.

  • She can: Put her hands up against a wall while still
  • She should put her hands on a bed, couch, or table's
  • Can lean forward if flexible enough, using her legs or the ground as a

This is one of the best-standing sex positions for beginners to practice before doing more challenging versions because of the limitless possibilities.

Doggy in Handcuffs

like it a little more difficult? Begin in Downward Dog, but your Sir will tape, cuff, or bind your hands behind you (with an armbinder).

Bonus Benefit: If you deal with premature ejaculation, this technique is essential since it gets you used to the sensation without overdoing it. Thus, you have far greater control over the timing of unloading.

1.Three-Legged Dog

"The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and our sex drives are at an all-time high," Brit Burr, sex expert and editor-at-large of Psych N Sex, tells Bustle. “For many reasons, such as exhaustion or simply a lack of willingness to go outside, our sex lives tend to suffer a little in the winter. Enjoy all the fantastic sex that the month of June and the full summer have to offer”.

So, if you want to start the first month of the summer season off on a particularly sensual note — and who among us wouldn't?! — there is one sex position that you need to be aware of: the three-legged dog.

Why this?

The three-legged dog is a very enjoyable and convenient standing sex position! In order to allow him to enter from the front, the woman will stand facing him and wrap one leg around his back.

Depending on preference, she can either be standing properly or leaning against a wall.

This role offers a lot of variation, even though it may appear a little more routine than the others on the list:

  • Hard and quick sex.
  • Romantic, gentle
  • Various perspectives to alter depth and
  • A wall or when standing freely are also acceptable

Add a plaything:

Why not experiment with anal pleasure in this position using remote-controlled toys? The person in charge of the vibrations is your choice. She can either use a love egg or a butt plug as he penetrates her vaginally for sensations that both of you will enjoy.

Conclusions: It can enable you to enjoy incredible pleasure. It can let you experience wild and exotic pleasure with your partner if you are used to the delights of a vibrating penis ring.

3.The Butterfly

Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience in the bedroom! For those looking to spice up their private times, the Butterfly sex position is a must-try. Both beginning and seasoned lovers will find it to be ideal.


What is butterfly position?

The butterfly sex position is a sexual position in which one party lies down on a flat surface, such as a bed, ottoman, or table, and the other partner stands at the other end of the flat surface. To position the hips properly, the partner who is lying down pulls their legs up onto their partner's shoulders.


Considerations For The Butterfly Sex Place

  • It is a good idea to support your hips and/or waist with pillows or cushions. It means neither you nor your partner will become over-exhausted trying to keep your legs
  • It might be a good idea to put a pillow under the guy to ensure they don't get wounded, for instance, if they are on their knees.
  • Make sure your sides are slightly larger than his to have the most enjoyment possible from this location and to make it simpler for the guy visiting your G-Spot.
  • Continue changing how high your sides are until you find the sweet spot. I assure you that it is worth every penny

With Legs on Shoulder

  • The same as if he had been playing the cello, keep your feet pointed in the direction of the corresponding part of their throat.

Bring up the pleasure using sex toys:


Fanny Bomb - Neck Wrist to Ankle position restraint for easy legs-up for Erotic play.

Pleasure but how?

Her legs will have to be raised to keep comfortable due to the restraint, which ties her ankles and neck together. She will undoubtedly like it more when her legs are raised because you will be in the ideal "banging position" and be able to explore at your leisure.

Give it a try and give her a hard grind. She is going to enjoy it as much as you do.

by Zohaib Ali


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