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Spice Up Your Love Life: Simple Secrets of Tantric Connection

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Spice Up Your Love Life: Simple Secrets of Tantric Connection

Are you and your partner on the lookout for something special in your private life? If so, welcome to the exciting world of tantric sex positions a place where connection goes beyond the usual. This article can help you even if you're unfamiliar with tantra. It provides advice on how to improve your relationship with your partner both in and out of the bedroom and how to engage with them more deeply.

For those not familiar with tantra, it's a mix of breath, sounds, movements, and focus to unlock longer and more intense orgasms. But it's not just about the physical; it's a journey towards increased closeness, stronger connections, different ways of experiencing things, and a feeling of something extraordinary during intimate moments.

What is Tantra Sex?

So, just what is Tantric sex exactly?? Well, it's like creating a special, spiritual bond with your partner during those intimate moments. The body and sexuality are not separate from the divine or spiritual in the perspective of Tantric philosophy. So, stop viewing them as problems.

Let's call it conscious sex, as our guide, Silcox, prefers to say. It's about the full person and the relationship between your body and mind, not simply the physical acts. Imagine this: when you mix your private interactions with mindfulness and a pleasant feeling towards your partner, something magical happens.

In simpler terms, Tantric sex is about more than just the physical stuff it's about creating a special, magical connection that goes beyond the ordinary. It's like a dance where your whole self is involved, and the energy between you and your partner becomes truly extraordinary.

Tantric sex may appear scary to people who aren't familiar with the idea, but it's actually very easy. A willing partner and a couple of great tantric sex positions are all you need to get started.

Flying Solo

It can be helpful to experiment with tantric masturbation alone before trying tantric sex with a partner. While most people view masturbation as a short-term way to feel satisfied, tantric masturbation provides an opportunity to explore your pleasure on a deeper level.

When introducing new techniques in the bedroom, it's best to take baby steps at first. When you're ready for a calm and sensual alone session, make time for it. Make sure everything is calm, that you are not distracted, and that you are not thinking about your impending appointments. Read More

Think about setting up a calm environment with candles, relaxing music, and attractive or comfy underwear—or nothing at all. Setting the tone and putting oneself at ease are the goals.

Take a warm bath to start, and then gradually get more comfortable with self-touch in this calming setting. The goal of tantric sex, including tantric masturbation, is to completely enjoy every bodily experience rather than rush headlong toward an orgasm.

Let your hands feel every inch of your body, reaching past your clit, vagina, and breasts. Take deep breaths and close your eyes. This will help you focus your thoughts, much like in a meditation, just on the touches and feelings.

Fetus Position

When you're ready to spice things up with your partner, the first tantric sex position to try is the Fetus. For you and your lover, it's a perfect beginning point because it's an easy position that doesn't require a lot of work.

In this position, the top partner enters from the side while the bottom partner lies on their side and draws their legs towards their chest. With lots of skin-to-skin contact in the fetal position, you can both concentrate on enjoying the feelings.

The best thing about this position is that it's ideal for kissing and maintaining eye contact during the act because it gives you easy access to your partner's face. The most important aspect of tantric sex is closeness, which strengthens the bond between you and your partner. Pregnancy Sex position

For the maximum pleasure, combine slow and deep pushes with deep breathing.

Goddess Pose

If you're craving an experience that makes you feel like a passionate being in the bedroom, the Goddess position is your go-to move. Imagine this: the dominant person relaxes on their back, while the submissive person squats seductively over them with their feet firmly placed. It's similar to the cowgirl position but with a higher level of intensity.

This is when things really become interesting: making eye contact. The partner in the lead enjoys a symphony of exciting sensations while the partner on their back takes charge. Don't just jump right in; take slow breaths in and out. Sync your breath to create a seductive rhythm that will imprint this feeling in your mind for the rest of your life.

Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle is a super flexible tantric sex move that gives lots of exciting options while keeping things close and warm. One person lifts and spreads their legs wide while lying on their back on a bed or in another comfortable position. At the edge, the other person gets ready for some private time together. To add to the enjoyment, the top person can easily attempt varied angles during the fun phase by grabbing the lower person's ankles. This is a great posture for enjoyment on the front and backside. It's also amazing for hitting all the right spots and adding special sensations to the sensitive parts! In this position, it's easy to look into each other's eyes and breathe together. It's more than just enjoyable; it's like a laid-back trip for both of them!

Now, add a secret ingredient to your love story and maximize your pleasure with the Inflatable Sex Sofa perfect for exploring varied angles and enhancing enjoyment on both fronts, every love story deserves a little magic.


When you think about tantric sex, this is a classic pose. With their legs around their lower back, one partner sits on top of the other. From this point, look each other in the eyes and rock back and forth, with or without penetration.

by Web Access


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